Greetings Superstar! You are made up of Stardust, after all.

Tomorrow morning at 7:11am Eastern time, the moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. We call this a Lunar Eclipse at 5 Sagittarius. Literally and symbolically, we can expect some pretty potent shifts, so here’s my loosely written Style Guide and Practical Magic Tips for making the most of this powerful event. 

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

A ‘super blue blood moon’ in San Francisco, in 2018. PHOTO: JOSH EDELSON/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGE

What if we could play with this Lunar Eclipse like we’d do a closet Style Refresh and a little Practical Magic?

Literally and symbolically it’s a POTENT time to go through our:

  • Seasonal look
  • Autobiographies (“I’m so __________” or “I never ____________”) These can be juicy little journaling prompts that expose some deep, hidden process we’ve been acting and attracting from the shadows. As a well-seasoned traveler in these realms, I’m always amazed at the lightness and power I feel as I review these hidden scripts for accuracy and adapt more strategically. Am sure you can say the same!
  • Friendships
  • Romantic Connections

Some, like a threadbare, faded T-shirt of years gone by, might have been perfect in the moment, comfortingly familiar for a time, and now… it’s got grease stains from that tofu frying experiment that left you ordering take-out instead. 

Some of these might simply require alterations. Maybe you’ve gotten more fit and what used to look and feel great has become a bit… draggy. Definitely time to tailor these relationships and dynamics so that they fit you better where you are right now. The people closest to us are the greatest predictors of where we are going. We get to set the tone for how we choose to relate and others can either joyously adapt, glad for the change, or they can choose to step back a bit. Either way, fit is achieved!

Some either require a bonfire, or at least a trip to the donation place. *cue “Let It Go.”

In case you’re feeling it, please enjoy the video below! Otherwise, you can skip down to our Practical Magic Tips to make the most of this potent occasion that opens up the Eclipse Portal that culminates in the Solar Eclipse at 19 Gemini on June 10th. 

Practical Magic Tips:

Take a bath with Dead Sea salts, if possible, but Epsom salts will do in a pinch! 

Why? For those of us who pick up on other people’s feelings, it’s a potent way to restore our energy field to “default settings.”

Pro Tip: It helps me a lot to visualize those energies picked up from the News, from others (whether in person or online,) to release them into the bath water and watch it go down the drain. 

Salty Bath practical magic tips lunar eclipse may 2021
Salty bath let your mind roam practical magic tips lunar eclipse may 2021

Relax Into It

Allowing free time, not hyper-scheduling every minute for these next several hours, gives us the opportunity to slow down and notice what’s going on around us. 

Who’s coming around after a time away? Who’s gone silent? What’s coming into focus? Pay attention because during this Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, things will come to light that have been hiding in the shadows. 

Candle Gazing Relaxes & Opens

Candle Gazing helps us to zone out a bit and reflect more deeply. How to do it: 

Set a clear intention. I visualize Divine protection from all 6 directions, only allowing through pure Love and Wisdom.

Stare and pleasantly zone out in a receptive way.

Note what comes and take action, where indicated. 

SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse practical magic tips candle gazing

Thanks so much for opening this and reading my Lunar Eclipse Style Guide and Practical Magic Tips! I really appreciate you. Please share freely with your friends in the know.

Coming Soon:

Weekly horoscopes, starting with the Solar Eclipse on June 10th at 19 Gemini. 

P.S. I’m heading to Santa Fe, NM to paint the energies of the Solar Eclipse on June 10th!! Will you be anywhere close? Would love to see you!

Lori Randall Stradtman a few years ago Niagara Falls Barrel
Me, a few years ago. 🙂