About Me

Hi! I'm Lori

I cast my first chart in high school. After several euphoric trips to the Main Library in my city, I seized upon these mysterious, powerful feeling books that showed me how to do it. I was so amazed, so excited when my first charts started (respectfully) sharing truths about my friends who let me do this for them for practice. It was astonishing!

Lori Randall Stradtman May 2021

Being from a religious family, I embraced Christian traditions for several years, even earning a degree in Theology and becoming a celebrated Psychic. We called it “the Prophetic” then, and the years of training and practice with thousands of people really honed my faith in the Divine to deliver what these people most needed to hear. Happy tears were the usual result, with the sense that surely only the Divine could have known about those childhood events, what they’ve been praying for, and so much more. 

After I left organized religion in 2004 I reconnected with my first love, Astrology

Only now, I have years of Counseling experience in terms of really being present for people and tapping into their energy field for our mutual highest good. 

I absolutely LOVE the gift of Astrology at this time in human history. It’s egalitarian, humanitarian, healing, and downright FUN!

My Core Values

Would love to hear yours!


Stacy Nelkin, Actress

“Lori, You have incredibly soothing, hypnotic energy and it’s uncanny how you intuited exactly what I had been thinking about. I can’t wait to give you and a reading as the ultimate gift for my children!! Marco and I can’t thank you enough and have agreed that you are our new psychic advisor!!”
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Oh yes! And I earned a Bachelors Degree in Communications in 2008 so I could get a "real" job in the world.

Cute, right? I had success, being fortunate enough to have Wiley Publishing ask me to write a book for them about Social Media Marketing. The result skyrocketed my reputation, my global opportunities, my own feeling of security… only, it was a major soul suck diving into the most outrageous, painful situations. It can be restorative, healing work, but my heart’s wide open declared for this Astrological work in the world today, whether by reading, or horoscopes, or commissioned Art. 


This is my mission, my joy. May you find something here that touches your soul in the best possible way.