The Art of Astrology

You could have knocked me over with a feather!

If you’d told me that I’d be channeling the power of a moment via this Abstract Art meets Intuition meets Astrology… But it’s my passion. I love giving Astrological readings and I love painting pivotal moments – those cosmic beginnings like birth, a budding romance, starting a new career path, starting a new business in these wildly evolutionary times!

 People tell me that seeing the power of their chart on their wall has an intensely healing benefit. It reminds us of who we are in a way that’s beyond words. It’s a visceral, heart-warming experience. 

We are seen and heard, deeply, compassionately. 

Living Color Horoscopes for the modern world

It’s Abstract Art. It’s a convenient Astrology Report. It’s your weekly horoscope.

Like a fragrant cup of tea brewed just for you, breathe a sign of relief from the Cosmos. Something good is coming. ​

Nurture, Self-Trust, and Mindfulness

What is the Art of Astrology in this Modern World?

Exploring the beauty in your beginnings – and the power they hold, once explored.

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Coming into DivInely Delightful Alignment

Curious about my readings?

Absolutely unique Intuitive Astrology Readings. We go with what wants to be talked about. Business questions are fair game. All is recorded and there’s a comprehensive written report following up, so you can simply relax into the experience, fully present. We’re likely to have a lot of fun in the process.

About Lori

I cast my first chart in high school. After several euphoric trips to the Main Library in my city, I seized upon these mysterious, powerful feeling books that showed me how to do it. I was so amazed, so excited when my first charts started (respectfully) sharing truths about my friends who let me do this for them for practice. It was astonishing!

Being from a religious family, I embraced Christian traditions for several years, even earning a degree in Theology and becoming a celebrated Psychic. We called it “the Prophetic” then, and the years of training and practice with thousands of people really honed my faith in the Divine to deliver what these people most needed to hear. 

I've helped tons of people to make tons of money

Magnetic (Feminine!) Marketing Online Course

Meditating, shaking your tail feathers, and tapping into your deepest wisdom while learning how to build conscious community around your offerings. And make lifelong friends. Did I mention that?